10 Tons of Gravel

The goal was to add a layer of gravel to the rebuilt garage and the new garden shed but the minimum order was 10 tons. We had scheduled the delivery on a sunny day, rented a skid loader, and started before 7 am but the amount of gravel was still overwhelming.


Jonathon worked the loader and I shoveled–pretty sure I ended up with the short stick on that one.


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Our garage no longer has a dirt floor!

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Once the garage and shed were done, we were faced with a question—do we go ahead and clear an area in the back for a larger fire pit? Or do we tarp the gravel and wait until we have a plan for the back. We decided to plow ahead, doing a quick estimate of the size and shape of the area.

By the end of the day, we had cleared the sod and dumped the rest of the gravel but we still had a long way to go until it was useable–and I was stressed just looking at the mess. Come Saturday, we rented a tamper and purchased metal landscape edging to contain the gravel. We squared up the edges and with a lot more shoveling, raking, and tamping, we had a fire pit.

No official after photos yet because it SNOWED. Really.

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