A History of Color

We knew the old trick of looking inside the top of the toilet to figure out how old your house is (no dice, our bathroom was remodeled in the 1990’s) but we never knew to take off the old thermostat to check paint colors.

Jonathan was replacing our traditional thermostat with a Nest and made quite a discovery—built-in paint swatches.

 The earliest color we could discern was a thin strip of moss green, very similar to what’s currently in our bathroom. Next was a gray almost identical to what we chose for the front bedroom. After that was gold, completely vindicating Jonathan’s choice for the living room. In contrast, the more recent colors are completely nondescript—white, some sort of beige, and the pink-tinted white that was on the walls when we moved in.

The Nest

The Nest is much smaller than a traditional thermostat so I’m sad to say we ended up painting over most of our home archaeology. Still, it’s nice to know that after all our hard work trying to choose the appropriate vintage colors, we ended up right on target.

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