CoMo Bungalow is Carrie and Jonathan’s story about what happens after you buy a two bedroom bungalow built in 1926. Although many in this age of McMansions would consider it small, we think it fits us perfectly.

We’ll be sharing our progress as we move in and fix up our new home in Columbia, Missouri. This isn’t a decorating blog but Carrie will be sharing tidbits about the antiques she collects. Jonathan will balance that out with photos of what once passed for wiring in our house. Together, we’ll be creating a record of what happens when two people take the plunge into home ownership.

But more than that, this is also the story of life in our bungalow. We live a few blocks outside downtown so we’re usually on our bikes, even if Carrie’s in a dress and heels. We both love estate sales and usually find something interesting to share. We don’t have time for a kitchen garden but our local CSA keeps us in plenty of fruits and veggies—and Jonathan makes a mean cucumber vodka and tonic.

Some may think we’re living small but we know we’re living well.