And now the roof?

When it rains it pours and good thing we noticed that stain on the ceiling of the living room before it really started to pour.

We had hoped it simply related to the new electric line connection to the house but no such luck. The entire north side of the roof needed replacing and so we decided to do the entire thing because, what a surprise, the installation was shoddy and the shingles were not properly protecting the roof. (Pro Tip: Avoid houses people have flipped.)

We spent some time considering the color of the roof—walking through our neighborhood, looking through magazines, and even having my folks take photos of roofs in Old Towne Orange. In our minds, this was a long-term investment so we wanted to make sure we did it right. Well, it turns out that we rarely thought about the color of our roof and the current gray shingles were super common on all the bungalows we looked at. So we simply replaced the gray shingles and once again, they faded into the background.

The project started the day before with a nifty conveyor belt to get the shingles onto the roof.

Turns out it was a busy week on our street. The city was replacing a sewer main across the street, our neighbor across the street was having a front walkway installed, and the folks a few houses down were starting an addition. Still, the contractors managed to navigate our narrow road and shared driveway.

Once the shingles were off we saw the reason for the dip we had always noticed on the south side. At some point, a section of the roof had been replaced. Thankfully, it was repaired properly and we could simply shingle over it.

I think this was one of three construction dumpsters on our street that day.

I know we have a small house but since I don’t think of it as particularly small, I was amazed at how fast they worked. By mid-afternoon, they were running a magnet down the driveway picking up loose nails and we had a brand new roof.

The replaced the flashing on the gables and unfortunately, we’ll have to get up there to prime and paint once again.

Jonathan had a drone out during the project and put together a video of the project, ending with a beauty shot of our huge River Birch.

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