Arroyo Arch Clock

One of the advantages to living in Southern California is the wealth of people who are following in the footsteps of craftsman artisans in the fields of pottery, metal work and woodworking. Antiques are a treat to collect and knowing that a piece has a long history is appealing—but I enjoy the fact that I can find pottery, textiles, and tiles made by someone today. I also like the idea of supporting an artisan who clearly cares about his or her work.

Although I’ve moved, I still take advantage of the concentration of craftspeople in the area. On trips home I can find Arts & Crafts tiles in Pasadena and hand-crafted light fixtures in my home town of Orange. I’m sure my folks like it as well since they have a steady stream of gift ideas right at hand. One great gift was a beautiful Arts & Crafts clock made by Jim Dailey at Present Time.

Dailey is a former Pasadena resident, rehabber, and docent at the Gamble House who turned to woodworking and clock making. My parents discovered him one year at Pasadena Heritage’s Craftsman Weekend. I’m not sure how they choose from so many styles but they ended up with an Arroyo Arch Clock for me.

Arroyo Arch

He has some many other wonderful designs, it almost makes me wish we could find room for a second one.

Present Time Clock

At my old house, the clock sat on my mantle surrounded by green Arts & Crafts pottery but we struggled to find a location for it in our bungalow. We have no fireplace, thus no mantle, and no built-in shelving. It ended up on a long wood bench under our front window. It was a temporary solution but it’s growing on me. (It’s a surprisingly convenient place to check the time when you’re sitting on the sofa.)

Living Room After

Dailey also makes wood shelves for his clocks so I’m thinking our next move might be to find an empty spot of wall that’s perfect for a hand-crafted clock.

Buffalo Shelf Clock


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