Arts & Crafts Tiles

Hand-crafted Arts and Crafts tiles are like miniature works of art. They vary so much in terms of styles, subject matter, and color of the glazes. I’ve been collecting them for years and always seem drawn to the woodsy ones with dark green glazes.

This one is one of my favorite handmade tiles from Terracroft. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are in operation any longer.


Almost as much care was taken with the back:


These three tiles are hanging over the small window seat in our living room. The top tile is Ephraim Faience, the bottom is Van Briggle, and the middle one was salvaged from a building before demolition. The back is covered with mortar and you can no longer read the stamp.


This one is also Ephraim Faience. I love the subject matter of their tiles—they remind me the national parks in California my family visited when I was a child.

Pine Cones Perhaps my favorite—from Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.


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