Back Stairs

After a successful rebuild of the front stairs, Jonathan decided to tackle the back stairs once the weather warmed up. As with the front, we had to wonder why the stairs hadn’t collapsed  years ago. This time, it was less about the wood rotting through and more about poor construction.


The original stairs had only three steps and fell short of the door. We had gotten used to it but it tended to trip up guests who weren’t paying attention. A little bit of math and Jonathan decided to do four steps to eliminate the trip hazard at the top and make the stairs a little easier to climb. He also added risers for a more finished look.


He also made them wide enough for my potted rosemary and thyme. We’ll see how they wear but one option may be a stain so they match our Murphy bar. (By the way, with all the rain we’ve had, our front steps have remained annoyingly unpainted as well.)


The first thought was to reuse the old steps for potted plants but they took up far too much room on our patio so Jonathan ended up making me a new bench. You know, while the tools were out.

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