Bathroom Update

Like the kitchen, our bathroom had been remodeled sometime in the last decade and, like the kitchen, was redone with modern-style tiles. Our main goal for both rooms was to make enough upgrades to avoid a major renovation—at least for a few years.

With the bathroom, we had a couple of hurdles. The first was the complete lack of storage. Jonathan installed some narrow glass shelves that matched the chrome towel bars, lights, and faucets and gave us just enough storage for some key items.

Bathroom Shelves

While he had his tools out he also fixed the outlet, which had been originally installed upside down. (All the kitchen outlets were installed upside down as well.)
Bathroom Outlet

The second hurdle was the color—that 1950’s mint green again. It matched the tiles nicely but it’s a tough color, especially on those early mornings when it’s staring back at you in the mirror. On top of that, it was far too pale when compared to the rest of the house.


Jonathan was angling for a grey or a brown and we ended up with Sherwin Williams Library Pewter. It had a touch of green in it so it matched the tiles nicely. We also think it when well with the chrome, which was definitely not something we wanted to change out.

Library Pewter
Library Pewter


bathroom1It’s a small space but somehow the darker color makes it seem larger. Overall, we love the switch from the grandmother’s pastel to a handsome gentleman’s bath.


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