Before & After

House After

House BeforeWell, it took us 7 months but we’ve finally got our after photo. The inside came together so quickly—painting the rooms, situating the furniture, hanging pictures—it was a little frustrating to have the outside take so long. But, a 100+ degree summer and the understanding that we wanted to get the colors right the first time made the longer timeline a little easier to handle.


Even the porch came through just fine. We let the oil-based paint cure for about a week before walking on it. It’s been raining all day and the stairs are holding up so we’re optimistic.

Of course, come spring, we’ll still have some landscaping to do. (Jonathan pulled out some old mums and a ragged rose bush over the summer). Eventually, we’d like a more traditional craftsman style door and a matching mailbox. And then there’s the address numbers that are on order…

But today, it’s simply wonderful.

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