Big Tree

I headed out to Superior Garden to buy shrubs and a tree for the front yard. They had such a great selection and everything looked so good, I’m glad I had already decided what I wanted. In fact, it was all I could do not to go home with one of their espalier apple trees.Apple Trees

I ended up with five large boxwood, an oak leaf hydrangea, and  the biggest river birch we could afford. It truly is longer than our lawn and I’m curious to see how close it is to our roofline. My goal was to buy some foundation plants that would look like they’ve been there for a while and I think I succeeded.  They had it all delivered while I was at the office and it was quite a sight to see when I got home!Big Tree



We’ll fill in the blanks with smaller herbs—they grow fast. And tomorrow, we’ll see about breaking open those 20 bags of compost.



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