Brick Edging

When our new patio was poured, we set aside the random assortment of bricks used as pavers with the thought we could eventually use them for another project. Keeping the grass from encroaching on the flower beds is a constant battle so Jonathan used the rose bed along the screened porch as a test for brick edging. 

We trenched along the bed and Jonathan set the bricks in upright. Hopefully, this will create a better barrier to the ever present crabgrass.

Of course, the bricks were covered with mortar so Jonathan ground off the rough edges so the bricks would be useable.

The amount of dust was amazing. 

The finished edging looked fantastic and once the grass grows back it, we’ll have a nice clean edge to our beds.

In a moment of inspiration, I got on Craig’s List to look for more old bricks for the front flower beds. We immediately found someone with 400 bricks available–he had pulled down the top of an unused chimney of a house just a few blocks away from us.

In true Columbia fashion, I punch the number into my phone and it turns out the seller was a friend. There was one other interested buyer (also someone we knew) who only needed about 100 bricks. But, he had a truck and a willingness to haul a bunch of bricks so we struck a deal. The bricks were covered with soot and by the time we had finished, the three of us were as well. A quick wash with the hose took care of most of it but we suspect Jonathan will have to do some grinding on this batch tool.

Now it’s only a matter of finding another free weekend!

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