Brooklyn Cruiser

Brooklyn Cruiser

I have a trail bike—my Quick—that I live on. We’ve got a great trail system here in Columbia and riding a bike here is pure joy. When Jonathan and I first started dating, we biked to each others’ apartments pretty regularly and usually tooled around town together on the weekends. It wasn’t the easiest bike to ride in a dress but I managed. When we moved into a house that was so close to downtown and my work, I was thrilled I’d finally be able to get a commuter bike.

I knew I wanted a classic, step through bike (dresses!) and I found a great one online—a Willow by Brooklyn Cruiser. It’s only 3 speeds which makes the hills around here a little tough but the box on the back holds 6 bottles of wine, so it all balances out in the end. My bike is a good counterpart to Jonathan’s Ute—a bike with a built in rack and extended frame that’s perfect for hauling.

Jonathan and his friend put my Willow together for me, just in time for National Bike to Work Day. Here’s a photo of us biking to work that appeared on NPR’s website!

Bike to Work Day



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