Bungalow Registry

We received our American Bungalow Registry information in the mail Monday! I had been holding off submitting our bungalow until we had finished the front landscaping and could send in a decent ‘after’ photo. (We also sent in the ‘before’ photo, the one we fondly refer to as The Crack House.)

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Registry:

The Registry is a privately funded archive of period homes, established to protect and preserve America’s historic houses and neighborhoods, encourage the bungalow way of life, and save a few bungalows in the process.

It’s not searchable, unfortunately, but the application process does require a bit of background research on your house. Not only did I spend time searching out the original owners and learning about the changes others made over time, I also learned a lot about architectural specifics and how they played out in our bungalow.

A preliminary historic survey done by the city on our entire neighborhood listed our house as “craftsman” but that usually involves a lot more shingles and brick than we’ve got. Ours is a simple California Bungalow—one story, wood siding, street facing gables with decorative shingles, off set porch, and 4 to 6 small rooms. It reminds me a lot of the bungalows in my home town.

I’m thinking this is the first step towards a National Historic Register listing, although that may be dependent on the surrounding area being accepted as a Historic District. While we may think our home is the sweetest on the block, we know that its ultimate value is as part of a neighborhood.

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