Closed Doors

There’s a reason these doors are closed in the photos from the realtor website.

They were filled with some rather cheap wire closet ‘solutions.’ I didn’t think to take any photos of the before, but they were poorly installed, rather nonfunctional, and a particularly inefficient use of space. It was a strange hodgepodge of this stuff:


Obviously, we saw it when we looked at the house, but at that point we weren’t letting the trees block the view of the forest. Once we started to use the closets we discovered there were multiple issues.

The frustration of not being able to slide hanging clothes because of the vertical metal supports spaced every few inches was bad enough but the shelves were at awkward heights and only went half way across the closet. The closets were bigger than our old closets but I had managed to fill each to capacity after only emptying one box of clothing.

I took some measurements, put together a plan, and went to Westlake’s. A few hours later, we had closets. The next big step is getting lighting into the closets.

Update: Closet lights required a trip into the attic but we eventually managed to drill through the plaster ceiling and run electric over to both closets. Since we installed simple fixtures with pull chains and exposed bulbs, we chose the vintage Edison-style lights.


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