Cold Brew DIY

IMG_5168I was looking for a project for the Labor Day weekend and given that the thermometer was pushing 100, I thought it might be fun to try to make some cold brewed coffee. Our friend’s son is the genius behind Grady’s Cold Brew (perfect for New Year’s Day, particularly with a splash of Baileys) and I thought a home version would be nice.

Ok, first of all, this barely counts as a project, let alone a DIY project worthy of a step-by-step photo blog. It’s basically a way to make coffee when you’re too lazy to boil water. You mix the grounds and the water, let it sit for a day, and then strain it. That’s it. I put it in a mason jar just to give it some DIY cred but no such luck.

That said, it is really good iced coffee and given that the cold coffee I usually drink has been sitting on my desk since morning, I consider it a step up.

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