Desk, Part Deux

So we once built a desk. It was a good desk. We blogged about it. Then I decided I wanted to stand.

It was less deciding I wanted to stand and more a furniture salesman had a bunch of motorized standing desks he needed to unload, and he was unloading them for cheap. I grabbed one before I had an idea of what I was going to do with it. I already had a standing desk at the office, so I figured I would bring it home and figure what I could do with it.

I was pretty sure I would be able to turn our desks into standing desks. That said, I got this desk just before the winter hit, limiting my ability to do anything with it. So last winter, the standing desk sat in our screened porch waiting for me to do something with it. Eventually, it was surrounded by my winnings from the closing of the local Radio Shack. So by the time we got to spring and prime porch-sitting season, I had a a lot of projects I needed to get to.

Come springtime, I received a less than subtle suggestion, I need to clean the porch. Before I could do anything, I needed to have the glass on the current desk cut into two pieces. As I mentioned in the pervious blog post, this glass was so large it required Koonse Glass to deliver it. So I had to call Koonse to pick them up and cut it into two pieces.

The full desk with a solid piece of glass over it.
Desk after Koonse picked up the 127″ by 32″ piece of glass.

While the glass was being cut, I broke down the two doors, pulled them outside, put the legs on Carrie’s side and put the standing desk legs on my side. Carrie made it clear that the only time she gets to sit down is when she’s working at her desk.

Putting leg mounts on Carrie’s side in the back yard.
Carrie vacuuming while I modify the desk.

So once I got the desk inside, I realized I had made a mistake. I had mounted the standing desk legs on the wrong side. The mortise lock was on my side sticking the lock into me. By this time it had started raining so we came up with a new solution to flip the legs around to the other side. Welcome to our kitchen workshop:

Once we got it together and got it in place, I gave it a test drive.

By the time Koonse cut the glass into two pieces, it was small enough to fit into the Prius. So a few days later Carrie and I picked up the pieces of glass. They fit perfectly!


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