Door Bell

We haven’t had a doorbell since we moved in.  It hasn’t been a big deal, except any time we’re not in the living room when someone knocks.  It has lead to people sitting on our porch and texting us so we’ll notice them.

We talked about getting a one for a while and we knew we wanted a mechanical “twist” style doorbell, but hadn’t pulled the trigger because we hadn’t the style we wanted. For Christmas I decided to get Carrie a doorbell.

I found one online in the style we wanted.  After three weeks of the doorbell not showing up, I called the company. They had discontinued the item, but never bothered to contact me. So two weeks before Christmas I found another supplier and had them rush me a doorbell.


I had tried to get the bell to ring before it was installed and it didn’t seem to work right but with no instructions I wasn’t sure if it had to be installed to work. So, after the holiday and a change in the weather, I drilled a hole in our front door.

IMG_6246IMG_6248So with it all installed, I turned it.

So that grinding noise and the not ringing is not supposed to happen. So a few weeks and a polar vortex later a new doorbell arrived. With all the hard work done, I decided to swap out the new doorbell in about 32 degree weather.

IMG_4730And finally:

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