Door holes

So I have no photos of this (and I guess it’s not the kinda thing you photograph when trying to sell a house), but when we moved in the door to the basement had a strange hole in it.  Right above the door knob, there was a small hole with a rolled up paper towel in it.

Looking at the hole, I didn’t get it.  It had no hole in the side of the door for the pawl and honestly, it was too small to install a lock or door knob.  Also, with it being an interior door, the door knob is a mortise with lock, so there was no reason to install another lock.

On one of out many, many trips to Menard’s to get parts, I grabbed a can of “High Performance” wood filler.  Having used only regular wood putty before, wasn’t quite sure what “high performance” meant. I went into this planning on having a fixed door, or needing a new door.

Turns out this stuff is great. It drys incredibly fast allowing me to add multiple applications to fill the whole without having to wait more than a few minutes before applications. After some sanding and scraping, the hole is plugged.

Door hole filled


Then with a little paint and a new door knob, we have a pretty good looking door. When you look close you can see a faint ring where the whole was, but I blame that on Carrie not covering it with enough paint to hide my mistakes…

Basement Door

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