Edging the Planters

We’ve been saving up old bricks for quite a while now with the ultimate goal of lining the front flower beds. We did a test run last spring in the backyard but we just didn’t have enough bricks to do the front. Fortunately, we live in an older neighborhood and a surprising number of our friends had stacks of old bricks in their garage (many they just inherited from the previous owners). They were all happy to get rid of their extra bricks—they even helped us load up the Prius.

We did the work over the span of three consecutive weekends and the weather has been so crazy the temperature dropped about 25 degrees from the first weekend to the last.

We both sorted bricks and I did the trenching while Jonathan set the bricks. I’m sure I got the short end of the stick on that deal but he did have to cut several of the bricks to fit them around tree roots and drainage pipes.

I’ve got some added space so I’ll have to fill in the beds with some additional plants but by mid-spring next year, they’ll look like they’ve been there forever. No matter how hard I tried, the edge of the beds always looked scraggly, and now they look so neat and tidy.

We finished the final section and it immediately started to rain. Then the ice cream truck came by and we decided it was a good Saturday overall.

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