Electric New Year

It was nice while it lasted but our break is over and it’s time to start back up on the house. We managed to get the outside painted while the weather held and now that winter is upon us, we’re moving back to all those interior projects we had set aside. In fact, this past weekend was nothing but projects—basement, office, bookshelves and more.

We started with something easy—rewiring. One thing we’ve found as we’ve settled into the house is that the outlets all seem to be in the wrong places. We’ve got a floor outlet right in the doorway of our bedroom but nowhere to plug in a table lamp in the living room. Add to the fact that our coffee table is actually an old stereo, we were suffering through a mess of extension cords tucked under the sofa.

First step was figuring out the living room. Jonathan simply drilled a hole through the floor into the basement, cut the plug off the cord, dropped it through the hole, then went down into the basement and rewired it all back together again. Oh, and did I mention? He also added a new outlet in the basement specifically for all our living room plugs.

Electrician's Helper

It was such an elegant solution and looked so much better than another floor outlet. Of course, it’s one of those things only the two of us will ever notice. Next up, figuring out what to do with that outlet in the doorway.


Here’s the outlet in the basement. ¬†Really easy to pull power from the other outlet in the living room because it’s in the floor instead of the wall.

Outlet where the sun don't shine

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