Finishing up the Fire Pit

The impromptu fire pit came out surprisingly well but we wanted to spend the last couple of sunny days installing some lighting–the construction lights we were using to guide friends to the back of our yard just didn’t have that quality we were looking for.

Jonathan secured wood posts to the bottom of large pots and then filled half way with concrete. Drilled holes in the bottom and then placed temporary pipes in the concrete to make sure there would be enough drainage. Come spring, I’ll fill with potting soil and plant flowers.

Wire attached to carabiners would prevent the light strings from sagging too much.

We ran a dark extension cord along the south fence to the outlet in the garden shed and we were so pleased with the amount of light.

Come spring, we’ll be removing grass and planting in front of the boxwood and in the corners around the pots. We’ll also work on building a path through the yard to the fire pit. When we first started this project, it really looked like a pile of gravel was just dumped at the back of our lot. Now, we’re finally realizing how big our backyard is. Winter will still be cold but we’re looking forward to having a place for a handful of friends to gather safely.

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