Updated: Fixing the Floor

For some strange reason, one of the previous owners decided to put an electrical outlet just to the left of our bedroom door, right in the path we take across the room. We can’t figure out why—the room is so small we can’t really imagine the bed in any other location and a lamp of any type simply wouldn’t fit in that space. We kept tripping over it so Jonathan decided to take it out and patch the floor.


I had hoped it could be a simple patch job but Jonathan found that the original cut spanned three boards so he had to cut out a larger piece than we thought in order to square all the edges.


One interesting thing we discovered is that we have no subfloor in this part of the house—just floorboards directly on the joists. Fortunately, they’re pretty thick and are holding up just fine.

Floor Fix
Fixing the floor.

Jonathan patched it with a piece of wood and and it still needs a coat of stain. (He’s in the process of testing various colors to find the best match.) Eventually, we’ll either come across some matching floorboards or decide that we have to bite the bullet and remove a piece of the closet floor for a patch that matches a little better. For now though, it works just fine.


With a couple coats of stain it’s hardly noticeable. Looks like our closet floor is safe for now.


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