Front Doors

One great thing about the Thanksgiving holiday is that it turns into a much needed four-day weekend. We took full advantage of this time to do some projects around the house. We finally painted the office (more to come!) and also painted a small chest of drawers we were using to store office supplies and iPhone cables.

What started as a quick stop by Home Depot to pick up new handles for the chest of drawers turned into Jonathan walking through the entire store, looking for potential projects. Actually, he didn’t have to walk far—handles were right next to the doorknob section. All our internal doors have the original mortise locks with some inexpensive (and unattractive) new brass door knobs attached. Unfortunately, it’s really our only off-the-shelf option and reproduction door knobs are just way out of our price range right now. However, our front and back doors are new so we wasted no time replacing the old brass knobs and locks with oil rubbed bronze ones.

Door Knob After

Door Before

I remember looking at a house once and the builder kept saying how classy all the brass doorknobs and light fixtures were. As he spoke, I was thinking about what a pain it would be to change out all those “classy” fixtures for something nicer. I think it certainly makes a huge difference and I do think our front porch is much more welcoming now that it used to be. Now, we just have to find a solution to all our other doors.

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