Future Projects – House cooling…

So last summer was a little warm here in Missouri. While we do have central air, it still struggled to keep up. Our house runs east to west with one side of the roof facing south and of course, the thermostat for the house is in the northeast area of the house. In the late afternoon, it can get a little warm.

So I have a plan.  We have vents all the way across the south side. My plan is to put an exhaust fan in the center vent to pull air in from the attic vents on the front and back of the house.

It’s all coming together now. At work we had a service closet that “the cloud” has managed to make obsolete so we decided to combine it with another office so we could realize it as usable space. We kept the closet cool in the same way I want to cool the house, we had an exhaust fan in the top of the closet blowing the hot air out drawing cooler air in from a vent in the floor.

Removing the servers means I don’t need the vent in the closet any more. It took a bit to get out and I’m sure it will take a bit to install, but if this summer is anything like last, I’ll be glad it’s up there.


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