Holidays in the Neighborhood

Holidays at Home

We took advantage of a warm spell to do some Christmas decorating outside—and it looks like a lot of our neighbors did as well. There’s an holiday lighting contest in the central city each year but I’ve found that most of the houses around us take a more subdued approach to decorating. That suits us as well. Not only does it fit better with the era but I don’t think Jonathan’s in the mood to get back up on that ladder to string lights.

I took a walk around the neighborhood and snapped some quick shots of some of the homes. Just a small disclaimer—most of the bungalows have covered porches. They’re great for sitting but not so much for taking photos.


Holiday House

Our next door neighbors’ house is a nicely rehabbed house and the front always looks nice. They traded out their pumpkins for garlands, a small fir tree, and an old wooden sled.

Holiday House

Another tough porch to photograph but a nice one to sit on. This house almost makes me want to take down our porch swing and replace it with wicker furniture.  The large star is up year around but the potted evergreens flanking the door are just up for the season.

Holiday House

This is a cute house year-round and the red door, swing and window trim really give it a holiday feel. I’m also definitely planting boxwood along the foundation come spring. This time of year, everything is dormant but the box still looks so fresh—and it looks even better after it snows.

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