House Numbers

Address AfterSince we literally ripped the old plastic house numbers off our porch in order to paint, I wasted no time ordering new Craftsman-style numbers, hoping to get them up as soon as possible. For some reason though, the “5” was on back order so we went numberless for a while.  At least, that is, until election night when we decided to order Chinese food and follow the returns online. After nearly an hour it dawned on us—no address, no delivery. A sharpie and a piece of construction paper saved the night but did nothing for our curb appeal.


It was a harder choice than we expected, mainly because we have such an uninteresting address. Sure, the “5” was nice but regardless of which style we looked at, the “1” was simply a stick (what we would have given for an “8” or a “4”).




Oak Park Home & Hardware had some nice options. Although their Arts & Crafts style numbers didn’t translate well for our address, I did consider their Craftsman house number tiles.


The final decision ended up being based on finishes, more than anything else. We ended up with Craftsman house numbers from Blink Manufacturing and the dark bronze matched the finish on our porch light perfectly.

New Numbers

Looking around our neighborhood, most of our neighbors had their addresses on their porch columns. However, we quickly realized that if we ever wanted to anyone to find our house, we’d have to put the address nearer the light.

Address After

So, after a couple weeks of leaning the mailbox against a pot in the front yard and having our address scrawled on a piece of construction paper, I’m fairly certain our mailman is now much happier. So are we.

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