Kitchen Light

When our kitchen was originally remodeled, some interesting electrical choices were made. Over the kitchen sink was a big white box made of MDF with three halogen light fixtures inserted into the bottom, one of which had burnt out. It was DIY, but not in a good way. We wanted to replace it with a more traditional light fixture but were honestly a little afraid of what we’d find underneath.

light1Pulling it down was harder than we expected and once we could take a look at the back, it was clear that the project had gone through a couple of test runs.

light3Once the big white box was removed, we could see what prompted its installation—the hole in the ceiling for the electric wasn’t centered on the windows (of course, neither the sink, the windows, nor the other light were centered either but this was particularly bad).

We also noticed it seemed to take them quite a few tries before they found a stud.  I think they may have given up and simply glued the thing to the ceiling.

IMG_4572Jonathan climbed into the attic once again, drilling a new hole in the ceiling and threading the electric through it.


Jonathan took the piece of plaster he removed down to the paint store and had it matched. While he finished work on the ceiling, I got to work painting the little sections of ceiling where we had gotten a sloppy with the wall color. One advantage to our rough plaster ceiling was that once it was painted, you really couldn’t tell it had been patched.

IMG_4608It was a time consuming project but I’m thrilled to finally have decent light over the sink. Good riddance to the big white box!


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