Kitchen Upgrades

I have to admit, when I started removing all the outlet covers before painting the kitchen, I was unsure what the cable sticking out from the wall was. We don’t have cable and I’ve never had a TV in the kitchen so it didn’t register at first that it was a cable connection.

It also never occurred to me that we could simply cut that wire, detach it from the side of the house, and patch the hole. (Wait—I spent so long on that wire when we painted the outside of the house!) But, Jonathan was ready with a pair of clippers so we ended up pulling it straight out of the wall.

I filled the hole with insulation, did a terrible job of spackling over it, and then just painted the entire thing. I’ll get around to redoing it but for now, just happy to have a useful section of the kitchen counter back. Although, it would be nice to switch out those awful white outlets…





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