Lavese las manos frecuentemente

In Lavarse las manos Carrie wrote about how disgusting the pipes were. Very true; gobs of hair (none of it beard). While that was horrible and it was nice to clean it out, the biggest problem installing the new faucet was it being a pedestal sink that was already mounted.


The above photo might have been the least awkward position I was in while replacing this faucet. Most of the work was spent on my back with my arms straight out in front of me in the air with a basin wrench that I didn’t have to space to turn. Additionally, I had to get a drain wrench. The problem, the wrench was a 3-in-1 making it extra long. Too long to turn. Finally, I had to grind off one side of the wrench so I could turn it. Above photo is of me actually using my modified wrench.

2-Way Wrench
Simplified wrench.



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