Lavarse las manos

We were pretty happy with the faucets for our bathroom sink, until the hot water tap started leaking. We tried to tighten it but it quickly became clear that the cheap plastic part inside had busted. Yet another instance where a $35 part was installed that looked good for a while only to fall apart in the end.

Jonathan shut off the hot water to give us some time to find a replacement that would last a bit longer and we started looking for something with both style and staying power.


If you thought our floor registers were disgusting, you’d hate to see what the drain pipes in our sink were like. I passed on the photos but here’s one of Jonathan hoping he wouldn’t have to remove the sink to replace the faucet. In case you can’t tell, we have a narrow bathroom.


We found a cute faucet that reminded me somehow of the old classroom sinks when I was a kid. No idea why I think I went to school in the 1930’s.

The benefit of the cross-handle faucet was that we now had a little more room on the sink. I found a dove grey tumbler from Bauer pottery that fit both the sink and the era.


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