Lavender Hedge

It’s been a constant struggle to keep a lavender hedge alive here in humid Missouri. Last year my mom heard about Phenomenal, a variety that is tolerant to both cold and humidity (the double-threat here in our state.)

By coincidence, our neighbor—furthering the trend on our street of pulling up the grass parking strip and planting flowers—had just planted a row of Phenomenal. After watching it to make sure it survived the trauma of summer heat, I ordered some myself.

My lavender has survived nicely, despite a miserable stretch of wet summer weather. They’re also a haven for the neighborhood bees (yes, our next-door-neighbors have a hive.)

The hedge across the streetĀ looks amazing and I’m looking forward to ours catching up. In fact, we’re now thinking of digging up some old shrubs on the side of the house and replacing it with this amazing lavender.


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