Library Pewter (SW 0038)

When we moved in the bathroom walls were a light mint green painted to match the floor and tub tiles. Trust me, it’s a terrible green to see first thing in the morning. We painted over it with Library Pewter (SW 0038), even the tiles seemed a little less green as a result.

The color works well with the chrome fixtures and the white trim. It’s a strong color and fairly dark so I probably wouldn’t paint a larger space with it but there’s a lot of white in the bathroom so it balances out nicely. We have a south-facing window in the room so it’s never so dark we can’t see what we’re doing.

Because it is such a dark color, I used a couple of coats just to make sure the lighter green wasn’t showing through. It does show soap splashes (no tiles around the sink area) and while the satin paint I used is holding up well to cleaning, I probably could have gone with more of a gloss so it was extra wipeable. I did have a few concerns about whether it would clash with the green and the grey of the bedrooms but it was fine.

Library Pewter

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