I moved into our little bungalow with something just shy of 1,000 books. I had been spoiled by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and rarely got rid of any of my books. Our new house wasn’t just small, most of our wall space was taken up with important things like doors and windows. We had a choice—we could install book shelves or hang art. Art won out and we ended up dedicating just one small section of wall in our office for shelves. All we had to do now was install some.


First step was deciding which books to keep. I had maybe 35 boxes full of books stacked in the basement and had been putting off going through them until winter, when the weather made indoor projects a little more appealing. It was hundreds of painful decisions all in a row but I finally whittled down my collection.

Books Before

We found the one empty wall in our house and Jonathan started to install floor to ceiling shelves over the weekend. We had a couple of delays waiting for supplies but finally managed to finish it up. The shelves aren’t as deep as a traditional bookcase so we actually gained some manueuving ability in our tiny office.

New ShelvesBooks After

So, here’s the final before and after photos of our office. Still small but I think we’re fitting more in it—and although it may not be a cute as the rest of the house, it’s so much more functional now.

Office Before

Office After

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