Lighting the Porch

As a housewarming gift, my folks gave us a porch light from the Old California Lantern Company, just down the street from where they live. We had to select the style, finish and glass before we had selected the exterior paint colors so we took a leap of faith. We selected a rubbed bronze finish and I overrode my usual desire for something plain and simple. We ended up choosing iridescent gold.

Gold Iridescent Glass

We think the  light looks fantastic against the colors we ended up with . Even with our last minute addition of a light blue porch ceiling, my mom was able to find the perfect shade of blue to match the glass.

Porch Light


Jonathan and the Light

Jonathan had a tough time actually installing it. In spite of being a hand-crafted, historically sensitive light, it was designed to work with a modern junction box rather than a 1920’s era system. After a couple tries, he ended up simply screwing the attachments into the wall at odd angles, hiding it all under the back plate. Works for me!

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