Mid Century Modern?

I’ve lived in any number of funky old houses so I’ve gotten pretty good about knowing which pieces of furniture will go where. We needed something in the living room for the television and for much needed storage and I thought I already had the perfect piece in my collection—a buffet with wine storage underneath. It was new but had mission stylings and I knew it would fit in the space. Why, then, did we hate it so much?

Wine Buffet

We kept it in place for a few days just to make sure—and because it was a handy place to stack things as we unpacked—but we never warmed up to it. It fit the space but felt far too large and bulky for the room. A friend of Jonathan’s came by to visit and fell in love with it. It was his lucky day—if he could find a way to get it home, it was his. He showed up the next day with a truck, two guys, and his wife’s blessing. They’re now enjoying it more than we ever would.

I went in search of a replacement piece, knowing we’d be watching Netflix on our laptops until we got the TV situated. Since the heavy oak, mission-style pieces weren’t working, I inexplicably turned instead to mid-century modern—Danish mid-century modern, no less. We found a credenza at CB2 with a nice wood finish and plenty of storage space. As with our sofa, we found that apartment-scaled pieces worked the best and this was no exception.


Credenza After

We’re pleased with how it turned out—not only do we have enough storage for extra blankets but Jonathan was able to hide all the TV cables (one of his pet peeves). It also worked well with his stereo coffee table. We may have diverted somewhat from the Arts & Crafts path but our goal was never to fill our home with museum pieces—at least not as long as we’re still sitting in $5 chairs. We’ve got a great piece that fits our needs and really, that’s the best outcome of all.

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