New Kitchen Outlets & Faceplates

After a couple tries painting the kitchen, we actually started feeling pretty good about it. That said, we weren’t in love with the color of the outlets and faceplates. Especially after replacing all the pull hardware on the cabinets and all the other hardware in the house.
IMG_4342IMG_5826_2Last weekend I replaced all the outlets, switches, and faceplates.  They match the pulls well and overall they simply fade away.  

Outlets and Switches beside Sink


Switches by back door


We also added a couple special outlets. Under the dining table we added an outlet that is a mix of one plug outlet and 2 USB plugs for phone charging.


Finally behind the ‘bar’ we added a 4-port USB outlet, two of which are high-powered for charging iPads.


The total on this “it’s not broke but we fixed it” project:

  • 2 x USB Outlets
  • 2 x GFCI Outlets
  • 6 x Duplex Outlets
  • 2 x Double Duplex Outlets
  • 2 x Double Switches
  • 2 x Single Switch
  • 2 x Three-way Switches
  • 1 x Phone Jack behind the hoosier that no one can see)

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