Our fridge sounds like a squirrel.

Washer Problems

It’s been a depressing couple of weeks as we seek out everything that’s broken in our new house. You see, we purchased buyer’s insurance with the house and have a couple of months left until the policy runs out. As a result, we’ve been spending most of our time pointing out various problems to each other.

Yes, the washer leaks. Yes, the fridge sounds like a squirrel. And yes, I do believe that sump pump was improperly installed. We’ve had a steady stream of repair men in and out and as of today, all the news looks good. We’ll be able to get a new washer and fridge and we can have the sump pump reinstalled so that it will actually remove the water from  our basement. We’ll be out a few hundred dollars but that seems like a small price to pay for new appliances.

Even better, the refrigerator guy noticed a recipe for turnips and green beans on our fridge and came back the next day with a bag full of turnips from his 8-acre garden. What service!

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