Pain in the Porch

This is not really how I’d like our before and after pictures to work.  Below is the newly painted porch before. What you don’t see are the storm clouds massing in the distance.

Front Porch

Below is the porch after the storm and with some quick scrapping. We were so excited to finish up we probably should have waited to paint the porch. We’re also thinking that the original gray may have been oil-based, making it tough for our latex coat to gain any purchase.

Porch Problems

The solution was to power wash the entire porch, removing the new green paint and creating a fresh canvas for a new coat of oil-based green. It took Jonathan a couple of hours to clear all the old paint. We’re letting it dry and we’re planning on painting it again this weekend. It’ll take nearly a week to completely cure but once it does, we’re pretty much done!

Power Washing


More Power Washing



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