Paint Horrors

Paint Chips

So far, most of the old paint we’ve uncovered has been pleasantly surprising. We found that our living room walls were once the same shade of gold we chose and that the outside trim matched the color we eventually chose for the body. That is, until now. Whatever possessed a previous owner to paint the trim in the back room mint green?

The best I can think of is that this office was once the utility porch—a sort of indoor/outdoor mix. If that’s the case, perhaps it was painted to match the outside of the house. It’s a little darker than the original shade of the house but it could be that the outside had been painted so long ago that the bright mint green had faded considerably by the time we purchased the house. It certainly is a color more at home in the 1950’s.

Repainting the trim is on our to do list (we’ve decided the wood underneath probably isn’t worth stripping and refinishing) but it’s not so bad it can’t wait a few months or so. Until then, we’ll just live with this small swatch of history.

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