Painting the Porch

It wasn’t until the paint had completely worn off the front steps that we realized it had been nearly seven years since we painted the house. During the summer, it’s usually the heat that’s the problem but this season it was the constant rain. On the first clear weekend, we found our opportunity.

The paint had faded to a light green so the deep, glossy color of Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bottle Green reminded us why we chose the color originally. I also freshened up the light Roycroft Vellum color around the windows and on the railings. It’s a lovely color but dirty gardening gloves on the railings certainly take their toll.

Wyatt was more company than help but it did require quite the system of fencing to keep him off the front stairs (his favorite spot from which to supervise the neighborhood). I’m afraid he still ended up with a few green spots.

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