Painting Party

My parents came out last week for the largest painting party ever. Yes, we finally painted the outside and got rid of that awful 1950’s mint green. It’s a small house but the project took all four of us working for the better part of a week. Our original color scheme had been called into question after we discovered that the upper trim and most of the window surrounds were white metal. Once the body was painted though, it became clear that white was simply too stark so we pulled out the primer and painted it all a creamy off white.

Oh, and remember when we thought we’d have to reside the entire house? My mom suggested we just go ahead and paint it and then worry about residing in a few years. Good thing we took her advice. We had just finished painting the back of the house when my folks asked where the bad siding was. “Well, you just painted over it.” Her response? “Oh, don’t worry, this siding has lasted 90 years. It’ll be fine.” It’s now our official mantra when dealing with our historic home.

Jonathan got the hardest job of climbing up on the roof and painting the trim. It was windier than we would have liked and I spent a good deal of time simply holding the ladder for him (and well worth the effort!)

Jonathan on the Roof

My dad prepping the windows. One day it started to rain and we all ran inside, only to notice Dad was still outside trying to finish the gutters.

Dad Painting

This is probably my favorite shot. My mom is finishing up on the porch and my dad doesn’t want to look until it’s all done.

Mom and Dad

I call this the “almost after” photo since there’s about 6 feet of trim on the very top that still needed to be painted.

Almost After

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