Patio Fallout: Gate Edition 2.0

So I never posted about our fence.  It’s a mess. A big mess. Lots of wrong things went into making it. Posts are not sunk deep enough, in many places they didn’t use treated lumber, and they dug a trench to get the pickets level. Trenching the pickets has them stopping the natural flow of water between properties and it’s warping the fence.


Though I never posted about it, a while ago I took down a portion of the fence on the south side of the house to make a gate.  It was getting a bit frustrating having to walk all the way around the house every time we needed to get to the front yard.

IMG_4317IMG_5855_2 IMG_4344 IMG_5862_2 IMG_5868_2

I made a double gate, but mounted one door to the existing corner post that was poorly sunk and warping. It caused the gate to sag and created issues when opening and closing it.

So after I finished the gate on the driveway, I had enough wood left over to rebuild the south gate into a single door hung on the post on the opposite side. We also got an extra Pet Peek for Wyatt so he can watch the action on both sides of the house.

IMG_5429In addition to the new gate, I used some of the concrete from the old patio to make a small faux flagstone landing as you enter through the gate.

IMG_6775_2 IMG_5320


Here it is right after I finished. A bit muddy, but as you can see below, it’s settled in nicely.IMG_5333 IMG_5428



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