Pedaler’s Jamboree

The Pedaler’s Jamboree was this weekend and we loaded up the tandem and set out on Saturday morning. It’s a bicycle/music festival held on Memorial Day Weekend featuring a 60 mile round trip ride from Columbia to Boonville along the KATY Trail. The ride is punctuated by live music at the little river towns along the way and Saturday night features a pretty fantastic line up of bands at the campsite. Ramble out on Saturday, stumble back on Sunday is their unofficial motto.



We love the tandem for events like this but it’s long overdue for an aesthetic overhaul. We take it out on these bike rambles but we also tool around downtown on it during the summer so we need a city/country look. A couple of guys we met at the jamboree powder coat bikes and we hunted through their books for the perfect color—John Deere Green. We figure chrome accessories and leather seats will be fancy enough for date night and we can hitch a trailer to it and hang a cow bell on the back for a fun camping bike. We’re starting to look for new chrome parts now and we’re hoping to have it done by the Boone Dawdle in August.

We took a vacation from phones and cameras this weekend but here’s a great little film about it some friends of ours made:

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