Projectors & Blinds, pt. 1

We don’t have a tv on the bedroom and weren’t looking for one. Then I happened along a great deal on the 3M Projector powered by Roku so I went for it. It’s tiny little projector with a Roku Streaming stick built in.


My thought was we would project it up on the Venetian blinds to watch yesterday’s episode of The Daily Show. Once we got it the projector looked great even when projected on the blinds, but there was one hurdle, the projector doesn’t have a zoom or keystone function. This means I had a limited range of placement (read: one, right above the bed).

Challenge: place tiny projector above the bed in a way Carrie won’t hate.
Solution: build a tiny removable shelf


So I measured and cut a small shelf out of a 1″ x 5″ I had laying around then drimeled a recesses area for a mounting bracket I found at Westlakes Hardware.


Putting the mounting bracket on the shelf meant I only had to put two screws in the wall. When the shelf is removed it’s almost unnoticeable.


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