Projectors & Blinds, pt. 2

So my solution for the projector screen was to simply use the windows and blinds in the bedroom. And it worked pretty well.

While it worked pretty well, there were some issues, such as the blinds throughout the house were old and broken. The previous owner had a cat that I think got to them.

So we decided to replace all the blinds in house with roller shades. While they are nothing fancy there are a couple of great benefits. First, we got thick, light blocking shades for every window except the ones in the living room (where we installed filtered light shades). Our office is nothing but windows and it’s in the south west corner of the house so it would get hot. Very hot. Since we installed the these shades I am actually able to work in the office summer afternoons.

New Blinds

Second, it has become a wonderful new projection screen in the bedroom. It is even viewable at 3 in the afternoon.

And here it is at night.

New Screen

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