Pumpkin Seed (MSL236)

The one shade missing from the Sherwin-Williams Arts and Crafts collection is a forest green—a color that complements rich oak furniture, copper or wrought iron fixtures, or textiles in natural hues. Most of the greens in the collection are blue-greens, save for Roycroft Bronze Green which we used for our exterior foundation. For our master bedroom, we wanted a darker, cooler green so we turned to the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot. I’m not sure if they still carry this color but Benjamin Moore has a similar shade.

We wanted the room to feel like a cabin so the room has lots of wood tones with black and red contrasts. Despite two south facing windows the room can get somewhat dark but the white trim and our Pendleton Glacier National Park blanket on the bed help brighten it up–as do the prints hanging over the bed.

Pumpkin Seed

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