Rembrandt Ruby (SW 0033)

It took us a long time to decide on the right color for our kitchen. Although we both agreed that the beige color chosen by a previous owner was super boring, it took us a long time to find a color that would pull together our butcher block cabinets, grey countertop, natural oak furniture, white trim, and green and turquoise Bauer pottery. (And yes, the eventual goal is a full kitchen remodel.)

Working off my belief that kitchens really should be yellow, we first tried Roycroft Vellum, the same color as our exterior trim. It was a lovely butter yellow but unfortunately made the entire room look too washed out. Jonathan recommended we go in an entirely opposite direction—red—so we selected Rembrandt Ruby (SW 0033).

Rembrandt Ruby
Rembrandt Ruby


It’s a strong color and we’ve got a lot going on in our kitchen but it somehow doesn’t feel overwhelming. It’s a nice warm backdrop for wood furniture and green pottery, and even works with the white trim (I was concerned a red and white kitchen would look too 1950’s diner). Our kitchen windows face north and west and the color works equally well in the dark and the light areas.It took two coats plus a lot of touch up after it had dried so I wouldn’t recommend trying to skimp on the amount of paint.

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