Ruskin Room Green (SW 0042)

Our office is in a small room off the back of the house which we assume was once a porch that was later enclosed. The walls are river sand plaster as well but the ceiling is lower than the main part of the house. The room has two windows facing south and two facing west so there’s plenty of sunlight. There’s not a lot of wall space, what with the windows and ceiling-to-floor book shelves, so it would have been easy to ignore this room.

I loved Ruskin Room Green and it was in the running for our kitchen—although it clashed terribly with the cabinets—so the office gave us a chance to try it out. The room has a dark patterned rug, a dark wood desk, and barn red filing cabinets—and all looked great next to this green. It worked well with our white trim but it looks amazing against wood trim (check out some lovely examples from Laurelhurst Craftsman Bungalow). Overall, it’s a nice spring green that is perfect for a room that overlooks both our vegetable garden and our backyard flower garden.

Ruskin Room Green


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