Screen door on a battle ship.

File under projects I did and never blogged about: Our busted screen door to the porch.

nw6qz9pwf9944syn5b23gh1ye7i18As soon as we moved in there were little things we had to fix. The screen door to the porch was broken and sagging. I used a minding plate and a tightening rod to keep it together and square things up. No matter how hard I tried to keep it going it finally gave up.

IMG_0382IMG_0383I thought this was a perfect opportunity to by a Kreg Jig, but then I found this screen door for only $22. Clearly a much better investment. Carrie painted it. I installed it and tweaked the frame so it fit better. I also updated all the hardware. Remarkably easy. Carrie even threw a fresh coat on the outside of the porch with the leftover paint right before we trellised the oops roses.


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