Slouching Towards Spring

We weren’t sure if spring was going to make it to our house this year but this weekend it finally arrived. Biking on the trail, cleaning out the screened in porch, and heading to the nursery for the first round of plants—all signs of long, sunny weekends to come.


Our next big project is landscaping the front lawn—we’re thinking roses, herbs, and boxwood—but for now, I’m making due with a container garden of herbs. It’s just the basics right now—rosemary, lavender, basil, oregano and Italian parsley. On the front porch, we’ve got lemon thyme and yellow marigolds.¬†They look so small now but it’s full sun in our backyard and before you know it, they’ll be huge.
Container GardenWe did try to finish up all the major indoor projects in anticipation of warmer weather. We’ll be putting a lot of work into the front, and eventually, the back yards. And if we were ever in doubt about what was next on the to-do list, I had to add a “garden” tag to the blog this morning!

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